American Wigeon

Mareca americana

Male with green mask and white crown; hen with smudged eyes
Also called Baldpate for its white crown; mask may not look green depending on light
Hen always grayish brown with smudged eyes
Drake is colorful in flight
Drake displaying on wintering grounds
Pairs form on wintering grounds; a different partner each year
April honeymoon in North Cove before starting family up north
Hen builds nest, lays 3 to 13 eggs, raises brood
Drake leaves midway through incubation
Raft of post-breeding singles may include Eurasian Wigeon; red head instead of green mask
Baldies (males), brunettes (females) and a lone redhead (Eurasian Wigeon)
Head coloration of drake clearly differs between two wigeon species
American Wigeon hen paired with Eurasian Wigeon drake
Hybrid offspring of American and Eurasian Wigeons

Species account to come.