Impact of Climate Change on Bird Populations in Newport County 

New England's Migratory Birds Like To Eat Local, Too 

Don't Feed Ducks and Geese Bread

To Feed or Not To Feed Wild Birds 


Annotated Narragansett drawing (700 KB)

Historical nomencalture (49 KB)

Coves and Beaches: Warwick Downs Remembered (by Margie Dengana ,421 KB)

Aerail Photos: 1939-2019 (26 MB, best viewed as slideshow)

Languages of the Land: a Dialogue with Salter Grove (2006 installation at the Warwick Museum of Art)

Warwick Downs: A Sense of Place 1638-1972 (by Henry A.L. Brown and Hazel Wade Kennedy; available at several of the Warwick libraries and at the William Hall Library in Edgewood)


3D Animation of Plate Tectonics (Enter Warwick, RI in box at upper left, uncheck all Display options at upper right, then use your keyboard's left and right arrow keys to go back and forth in time.)


ESS Group Report on Causeway Environment, 2004 (541 KB)

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Overhead, 360 deg view of Salter Grove in Google Earth 

Create navigable trail map


How trees talk to each other 


Average weather in Warwick, RI