Bald Eagle

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Endangered in 1967; now a pest in some areas
Swims by rowing with wings
Adult at Salter Grove 8/2/21, only immatures seen previously
Rare view from above
Adult scanning for fish
Plunge dives as fish is spotted
Fish is grasped by talons
Now for a picnic spot!
Wintering Common Loon dragged from water
Wintering Snow Goose caught in grain field
Sharp beak tears flesh from bird bone
Plumage is unisex but female 25% larger
Pair bond persists if breeding successful
Nests usually high; 5 to 8 feet wide; 2 to 13 feet deep
Clutch usually 1 to 3 eggs
Nest about 6 x 2 feet; record is 9.5 x 20 feet; nest is refurbished and used year after year
Eaglets can gain up to 6 ounces per day!
Both parents feed young; eaglet gets darker with age
Fledgling somewhat clumsy
3rd-year bird expert in fishing but not breeding yet
1st-year bird has very dark plumage
1st-year bird fights with adult over food
2nd-year bird lighter beneath
Maybe breeding plumage in a year

Species account to come.

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