Canada Goose

Branta canadensis

Same plumage for male and female
Individual with unusual beige eyering at Salter rove
Instead of migrating, many Canada Geese now stay year-round when food is available
Recapturing ringed geese yield data on patterns of migration and breeding
Pairs bond for life and stay together throughout the year, joining flocks outside the breeding season
First nest recorded for Salter Grove in 2012
A nest with 4 eggs on the western shore of South Cove in 2020; female on nest, male standing guard
Goslings are completely covered with down at hatching
Two days after hatching, goslings can independently feed, swim, and even dive!
Parents are watchful as goslings feed on seeds of saltmarsh rush along the Marsh Trail
Gosling grows quickly despite strictly vegetarian diet
Adults outnumber goslings in this family group at Salter Grove
Sometimes goslings from two family groups may join forces
Family crossing the Causeway
Small humans not threatening to this goose family

Species account to come.

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