Cedar Waxwing

Bombycilla cedrorum

Audubon print of birds in cedar
Male and female look alike
Gregarious throughout the year
On serviceberry with unripe fruits
Feeding on Morrow's honeysuckle
Cedar fruits a winter favorite
A fruit specialist, but also feeds on flowers
Drinking sap from sugar maple
Dragon flies are fair game; red waxy tips of wing feathers
Red waxy tips in flight; starling-like wings
Insects are hunted from a perch
Courtship in progress
Mating pair builds nest for 2 to 6 eggs
Both parents feed the young
Fledgling approaching adult size
Can't I get just one more meal?
Juvenile on Carolina rose
Waxwing populations have grown with introduction of fruiting ornamentals
Wintering as far as northern South America

Species account to come.