Station C

Native Invasive

The roundleaf greenbrier is a native climber at Salter Grove.  It uses hooks and tendrils to attach itself onto nearby vertical structures such as the trunk of small trees.  Sometimes so many lacy tendrils and stems are interlaced that it looks like a leafy curtain is hanging down from the higher up branches of the host plant.

Within this small clearing, the greenbrier forms tangled mounds instead because vertical stems were probably absent when new plants were established and there is ample light for it to grow at ground level.  This is a great opportunity for a close-up look at the structures it uses to latch itself onto host trees.

At least 15 different species of climbing plants occur at Salter Grove.  Despite not having a sturdy vertical stem, they use different techniques to rise from the ground to impressive heights to reach sufficient light for photosynthesis.