Mareca strepera

Wintering at Salter Grove
Male has finely marked grayish brown feathers
Preening reveals chestnut feathers on wing
Male breeding plumage slightly rufous on back
Black bill and distinctly white speculum
Male grayer above in winter
Male in flight; white speculum in wing and black rump obvious
Female grayish brown overall, feathers boldly marked
Hen in flight; distinctly white belly
Diet mostly aquatic vegetation; 50% aquatic invertebrates during breeding season
Smaller than mallards
Monogamous pair forms during fall migration and bond strengthens over winter
Nest in wetland vegetation lined with down; clutch 7 to 12 eggs
Exceeds usual clutch size; eggs taken by gulls, raptors, foxes, weasels, minks and coyotes
Ducklings fed plants and animal protein
Pair may persist or may bond with new partners during migration

Species account to come.

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